👨‍🎨Stable Diffusion 提示词生成器

sd提示词生成,stable diffusion 提示词翻译,stable diffusion 提示词补全,一个随便的场景,简单的描述,就能够生成丰富的画面描述来协助你使用stable diffusion类文生图AI



【正向提示】A clear depiction of Yang Mi being cooked in a pot. Her facial features are distinctly visible. The water in the pot is cloudy and steaming. Surrounding her are some side dishes like carrots, potatoes and so on. High quality, photorealistic painting featuring Yang Mi, Chinese actress, cooked in a pot, surrounded by vegetables, hot, steamy, dramatic, detailed, trending on ArtStation.

【反向提示】No cartoon style, no 3d rendering, no extra limbs, no disfigured or deformed, no missing parts, no bad anatomy, no blurry, no out of frame, no low quality, no poorly drawn hands or face, no mutation, no extra fingers or legs, no Photoshop effects, no video game style, no tiling, no ugly depiction, no bad art.

【参数】Sampling method:DPM++ 2M Karras;Sampling steps:20;CFG Scale:7;Seed:639249185;最优长宽比:1:1