👨‍🎨Stable Diffusion 提示词生成器

sd提示词生成,stable diffusion 提示词翻译,stable diffusion 提示词补全,一个随便的场景,简单的描述,就能够生成丰富的画面描述来协助你使用stable diffusion类文生图AI



【正向提示】A man wearing a white shirt stands on a rocky shore, holding a cigarette in his hand, looking out to the sea. The sunlight filtered through the clouds shines on his hair. The waves crash against the rocks on the shore, forming beautiful sea foam. High resolution and high quality photograph of a handsome man smoking at the seaside, natural lighting, calm and peaceful atmosphere, perfect for home decoration or as a wallpaper for your desktop or mobile devices.

【反向提示】Low resolution, bad lighting, pixelated, grainy, noisy, low quality photograph of an unattractive man smoking on the beach, with trash and litter scattered around him. Poorly composed, blurry, out of focus, overexposed, or underexposed photo that is not aesthetically pleasing.

【参数】Sampling method: Euler; Sampling steps: 30; CFG Scale: 5; Seed: 12345; 最优长宽比: 2:3。建议使用 StyleGAN2 模型生成图片。

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