👨‍🎨Stable Diffusion 提示词生成器

sd提示词生成,stable diffusion 提示词翻译,stable diffusion 提示词补全,一个随便的场景,简单的描述,就能够生成丰富的画面描述来协助你使用stable diffusion类文生图AI



【正向提示】A man wearing a white T-shirt and denim shorts is standing barefoot on the beach with a cigarette in his left hand and his right hand on his knee. His hair is a little messy from the sea breeze, and the background is an endless sea and beach. This is a high-quality photo with clear details and a bright color palette. It captures the essence of peacefulness and relaxation that comes with smoking on the beach. This photo is perfect for use as a desktop wallpaper or as a background for your social media profile.

【反向提示】Cartoon, blurry, low-quality, pixelated, dark, extra objects in the background, ugly, poorly-dressed, smoking in a non-smoking area, littering, disturbing the peace, too close-up, too far away, a bad angle, a crowded beach, an empty beach, a cloudy day, a rainy day, a stormy day, a polluted beach, a dirty beach, a beach with too many people, a beach with no people, a beach with too much seaweed, a beach with too many rocks.

【参数】Sampling method: Euler; Sampling steps: 25; CFG Scale: 4; Seed: 789654123; 最优长宽比: 4:5。 推荐使用StyleGAN2生成图片。

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