根据您提供的想法生成优化的5条Midjournery prompt,请选择其中一条使用


  1. Traditional Chinese ink painting of a serene landscape with a flock of migratory birds flying in unison, autumn scenery, --ar 4:3

  2. Digital illustration of a vibrant sunset over a tranquil lake, with a lone swan gracefully gliding across the water, surreal atmosphere, warm pastel colors, --ar 16:9

  3. Oil painting depicting a dramatic sky filled with colorful clouds and a lone sailboat sailing towards the horizon, capturing the beauty of a summer evening, --ar 3:2

  4. Mixed media collage combining photographs and watercolor elements to create a dreamy scene of a waterfall cascading into a pool of crystal-clear water, surrounded by lush greenery, ethereal lighting, --ar 1:1

  5. Acrylic painting of a vast ocean at dusk, capturing the moment when the sky and water blend seamlessly, with seagulls in flight and a solitary lighthouse on a distant cliff, moody and atmospheric, --ar 16:9