根据您提供的想法生成优化的5条Midjournery prompt,请选择其中一条使用


  1. Oil painting of a boy standing on top of a mountain, painting a landscape of mountains and stars, with shooting stars streaking across the sky, dreamy and surreal lighting, muted colors, --ar 4:3.

  2. Digital illustration of a boy on a cliff, painting a breathtaking view of the Milky Way, with a shooting star descending in the sky, vibrant and cosmic lighting, neon colors, --ar 16:9.

  3. Watercolor painting of a young artist sitting on a hill, painting a panoramic view of the starry sky and mountains, with a shooting star passing by, tranquil and serene lighting, pastel colors, --ar 3:2.

  4. Charcoal drawing of a boy sitting on a rocky ledge, sketching a mountainous landscape with a sky full of stars, with a comet streaking across the sky, dramatic and moody lighting, monochromatic colors, --ar 1:1.

  5. Acrylic painting of a boy standing on a mountaintop, painting a stunning view of the night sky and mountain ranges, with a meteor flashing across the sky, vibrant and energetic lighting, bold colors, --ar 3:1.