👨‍🎨Stable Diffusion 提示词生成器

sd提示词生成,stable diffusion 提示词翻译,stable diffusion 提示词补全,一个随便的场景,简单的描述,就能够生成丰富的画面描述来协助你使用stable diffusion类文生图AI



【正向提示】A woman drenched in rain, wearing a raincoat, walks on a flooded street. Her entire body is soaked, and she carries a wet backpack. Raindrops drip from her hair and clothes as she bravely steps through ankle-deep water. The determination and resilience in her eyes reflect her unwavering spirit in the face of adversity. High-quality image of a woman walking confidently in the rain, raincoat, wet hair, wet clothes, flooded street, determination, resilience, bravery, perseverance, high-definition photo, high-quality picture, striking composition, capturing the beauty of resilience, atmospheric shot, emotional impact.

【反向提示】Sunny day, dry street, no raincoat, dry hair, no wet clothes, shallow water, no determination, no resilience, no bravery, no perseverance, low-quality image, low-resolution picture, poor composition, lack of emotion, uninspiring, no impact, blurred, pixelated, low-quality photo, poor lighting.

【参数】Sampling method:DPM++ 2M Karras;Sampling steps:15;CFG Scale:8;Seed:328746192;最优长宽比:4:5

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