👨‍🎨Stable Diffusion 提示词生成器

sd提示词生成,stable diffusion 提示词翻译,stable diffusion 提示词补全,一个随便的场景,简单的描述,就能够生成丰富的画面描述来协助你使用stable diffusion类文生图AI

中国龙 卡通风格 正面朝向 不要背景


【正向提示】A cartoon-style Chinese dragon facing forward without a background. The dragon is presented in vibrant red color with scales covering its body. The dragon's head features an open mouth with sharp teeth, and its eyes shine with a majestic and powerful aura. The body of the dragon is curved, as if in a hovering or flying state, with a pair of wings above its abdomen, showcasing the dragon's ability to fly. The dragon has strong and powerful limbs, and its tail is long and muscular, with a sharp tip, demonstrating both the dragon's agility and the strength of its tail attack. This high-definition image captures the essence of a legendary Chinese dragon in a captivating cartoon style, perfect for any dragon enthusiast or fan of Chinese culture.

【反向提示】Black and white, blurry, pixelated, distorted proportions, poorly drawn, low-quality image, unrecognizable, unappealing, out of frame, extra limbs, unnatural colors, grotesque, disfigured, deformed, poorly rendered, amateurish, low-resolution, unrealistic, poorly designed, low-quality artwork, unattractive, unprofessional, messy lines, awkward pose, off-balance, unappealing color palette, poorly shaded, lack of detail, low-effort, uninteresting composition, poorly executed.

【参数】Sampling method: DPM++ 2M Karras; Sampling steps: 20; CFG Scale: 7; Seed: 639249185; 最优长宽比: 3:4