根据您提供的想法生成优化的5条Midjournery prompt,请选择其中一条使用


  1. Traditional Chinese ink painting of a flock of migratory birds flying over a colorful sunset, nature, --ar 2:3
  2. Digital illustration of a lone swan gliding across a serene lake at dusk, wildlife, calm, blue and orange hues, --ar 4:5
  3. Abstract acrylic painting of a vibrant sky with a flock of ducks flying in formation, autumn theme, bold brush strokes, warm colors, --ar 3:4
  4. Minimalist vector art of a silhouette of a bird soaring amidst a fiery sunset, freedom, simplicity, red and yellow tones, --ar 1:1
  5. Collage art featuring a photograph of a tranquil lake surrounded by trees, with cut-out images of various birds flying above, natural beauty, mixed media, green and blue hues, --ar 16:9