根据您提供的想法生成优化的5条Midjournery prompt,请选择其中一条使用


  1. Painting, sunset over a lake, birds in flight, impressionistic brushstrokes, warm oranges and pinks, --ar 2:3
  2. Digital art, a lone swan swimming in a misty lake, autumn foliage in the background, soft and dreamy atmosphere, muted blues and yellows, --ar 1:1
  3. Photography, a flock of migrating birds flying across a colorful sunset sky, silhouetted against the horizon, dramatic and dynamic composition, bold reds and yellows, --ar 3:2
  4. Mixed media, a serene river flowing through a forest, a lone heron perched on a branch, intricate details and textures, earthy greens and browns, --ar 4:3
  5. Graphic design, a minimalist depiction of a bird in flight against a gradient background of sunset colors, simple and elegant lines, warm and cool tones, --ar 16:9