根据您提供的想法生成优化的5条Midjournery prompt,请选择其中一条使用


Here are five image prompts for the MidJourney AI art bot based on the given sentence:

  1. Chinese Ink Painting, a pair of wild geese flying under a colorful sunset sky, --ar 3:2
  2. Oil painting, a serene lake surrounded by autumn trees, a solitary swan gliding on the water, --ar 4:3
  3. Digital art, a flock of birds soaring above a vast, golden wheat field in the evening light, --ar 16:9
  4. Anime-style illustration, a young girl in a kimono watching a hot air balloon floating over a mountain, --ar 1:1
  5. Impressionist-style painting, a group of people in traditional clothing enjoying a picnic under a cherry blossom tree, --ar 5:4